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Who is STEP Maldives?

Established in 1990, Sub Tropical Exotic Paragon (STEP Maldives) is a regional pioneer in the trade of ornamental fish, having supplied the highest quality aquarium livestock to all corners of the world. STEP Maldives is proud to have supplied more than 500 species of fish and invertebrates to Europe, USA and Japan over the last three decades. This, along with being a recipient of the President’s National Award in Exports, has cemented the company’s reputation as one of the most trusted suppliers in the South Asian region.

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Where is STEP Maldives?

Our main fish holding aquarium facility is located in the heart of Male’ Atoll on the island of Gaagandu, which lies only 6 kilometres from Valena International Airport. Fehendhoo Island, nestled in the famed and bountiful Baa Atoll, is home to our second aquarium facility.

Quality Assurance

From the moment an individual fish or invertebrate is first caught in the net, our highly trained and experienced teams of divers fall into a precise, efficient routine, ensuring that the health and welfare of our aquarium livestock remain at an optimum level.

The fish are then transported on one of our fishing vessels, which are all fitted with filtration systems, to our aquarium. Our aquariums are all situated within a close vicinity to the catching zones, which further minimises the stress placed on the fish. Outfitted with state-of-the-art filtration systems and chilling devices, our aquariums are meticulously maintained to be in excellent condition.

Another advantage of our unique location is its close proximity to Valena International Airport. Within five minutes, our carefully packed shipments can reach the airport and are promptly placed in air cargo to reach their destination. All these factors help deliver the sort of exceptional service STEP Maldives’ long-standing customers have come to rely on; that even after their long journey, the fish will arrive as healthy as they were when they were in their natural environment.



At STEP Maldives, we believe that a deep awareness of the natural environment and adherence to ecological sustainability is not only integral to saving our planet, but is also key to the success of any entrepreneur, particularly in a venture as environmentally reliant as ours.

Throughout the year, our mobile dive team travels on a dedicated vessel to outlying atolls in order to acquire the best stock the archipelago has to offer. By dispersing our collection efforts, we are able to conserve the productivity of the waters, in addition to receiving a wider variety of aquatic species.

Reducing plastic waste and minimizing our carbon ‘fin’print are also a top priority. Among our efforts are acquiring fish species using the most eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical methods, and diligently recycling and reusing our fish boxes.

Such actions are part of a conscious decision by our company to govern all our activities under an unwavering green philosophy; a commitment to best practices, achieved by consistent application of precautionary measures, as well as preserving a healthy respect for our oceans.

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