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Sub Tropical Exotic Paragon

STEP Maldives

We bring the most beautiful, colourful, and vibrant aquarium fish of the Maldivian oceans to your homes.

World-wide Clients

We have built strong relationships with highly reputable aquarium supply chains in Europe, Japan and the USA, who have all come to trust that we will provide them with the highest quality products.

Vast Variety

With access to over a thousand species of fish in the Maldives, we offer our clients the widest range of products in the world.

Quality First

We boast state-of-the-art facilities and the most experienced, dedicated team in the region to deliver our clients the highest quality ornamental fish the Maldives has to offer.

Sub Tropical Exotic Paragon

We are the pioneers of the ornamental aquarium fish trade in the Maldives. We are fully committed to acquiring and transporting our fish using the most environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical methods.

STEP Maldives’ main aquarium and head office is situated just five minutes from Maldives International Airport on an exclusive island called Gaagandu. We also have an aquarium in Baa Atoll, where the Maldives’ most beautiful and productive coral reefs are found, as well as a mobile dive team which travels to every corner of the Maldives throughout the year in search of the perfect products for our clients.

Our ideal locations and wealth of experience has established our reputation as the most reliable supplier of tropical fish and invertebrates in the Maldives.

STEP Aquarium

Livestock species.

We bring the beauty of the Maldivian oceans to your homes.

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We bring the ocean to your homes.

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