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Naso unicornis

The bluespine unicornfish or short-nose unicornfish (Naso unicornis) is a tang from the Indo-Pacific. It occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade. It grows to a size of 70 cm in length.
The bluespine unicornfish has a blueish-gray body with two blue spines on each side at the base of the tail and a short rostrum or bony horn on the forehead. In small fish the horn is missing and males additionally have tail streamers. These fish have a leather like skin instead of scales. The Bluespine Unicorn fish can grow up to 27 inches with the largest one caught to be 12.7 lbs.

naso unicornis

Naso unicornis

01 Care

Have to provide MODERATE CARE. It is a social fish.

02 Diet

*Flake Food  *Herbivore  *Frozen Food  *Live Food

03 Light