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Pomacanthus imperator (juv)

The Emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) shows a marked difference between the juveniles and the adults. The juveniles have a dark blue body which is marked with concentric curving lines, alternating between pale blue and white with the smallest which are completely enclosed within each other located posteriorly. These lines become vertical at the anterior end. The dorsal fin has a white margin and the caudal fin is transparent. The adults are striped with blue and yellow horizontal stripes, a light blue face with a dark blue mask over the eyes and a yellow caudal fin. There is a blackish band above the pectoral fins, the top of which is at the level of the upper orbit. The front margin of this band is bright blue and the rear margin is a thin yellow line. The anal fin has a dark blue background with lighter blue horizontal stripes. The dorsal fin has 13–14 spines and 17–21 soft rays while the anal fin has 3 spines and 18–21 soft rays. This species attains a maximum total length of 40 cm (16 in).

pomacanthus imperator

Pomacanthus imperator – juvenile

01 Care

Have to provide EASY – MODERATE CARE. It is a social fish.

02 Diet

*Herbivore  *Frozen Food  *Live Food

03 Light