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Pseudanthias bimaculatus (m)

Commonly known as Scribbled anthias are a medium-sized anthias reaching a maximum of 5in/12 cm at adulthood. This species is sexually dimorphic, meaning the males and females have differing physical characteristics. Pseudanthias bimaculatus males are primarily red with jagged pink lines along the body. Males will have a red tail with clear to white tips. Males will typically have yellow highlights on the tail, anal fins, and head area. Males also have one or two spots on their dorsal fin, hence the scientific name ‘bimaculatus’, meaning two spots. Females will be primarily pink with yellow fins and tail. Females will typically have a yellow line stretching across the head through their eyes.

pseudanthias bimaculatus

Pseudanthias bimaculatus – male

01 Care

Have to provide INTERMEDIATE CARE. It is a social fish.

02 Diet

*Flake Food  *Carnivorous  *Frozen Food  *Live Food

03 Light