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Pseudobalistes fuscus

Bluelined triggerfish, Rippled triggerfish, Yellow-spotted triggerfish and blue-and-gold triggerfish aresome of the common names of Pseudobalistes fuscus. It is a fish belonging to the family Balistidae.

The Bluelined triggerfish can reach a length of 55 centimetres (22 inches) in males. The body is mainly brown, but fins have yellow margins. Juveniles are yellowish brown with a network of brilliant bluish wavy lines. With growth these lines become interconnected. This fish is known for its aggressiveness and many divers choose to stay away from them, as they bite often.

Pseudobalistes fuscus

Pseudobalistes fuscus

01 Care

Have to provide EASY – MODERATE CARE. It is an aggressive fish.

02 Diet

*Carnivorous  *Frozen Food  *Live Food

03 Light


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